Referral Program

How it Works:

  • Refer someone to Eyonic who signs up for a new cloud service plan and have them enter your name in the Offer Code field on the Cloud Services Registration page.
  • When they pay their fees, the referrer will receive 5% of additional storage at no extra cost based on the plan size purchased by the customer referred.

Other Important Details:

  • The referred customer will receive a 15% discount on whichever cloud service type and plan size they subscribe to, whether home or enterprise version, when paid annually.
  • Each customer can accumulate additional storage from up to 10 customers referred through the Referral Program.
  • Additional space accrued by the Referral Program is free. If the referred customer remains a customer for a minimum of two years, the additional space accrued by that referral will be permanent for the referrer for as long as their cloud service account remains active and in good standing.
  • If storage needs change and the storage size of a referred customer is increased or decreased, additional space accrued by the referrer through the Referral Program will also increase based on the new plan size. As such, a decrease in plan size will also reduce the rewarded storage amount.
  • If more than one cloud service is being used by the referrer, the 5% will be applied to the service of choice.

I Referred Someone but they Forgot to Mention Me

No problem! The referrer is still eligible to get credit for the referral. Simply email to let Eyonic know who you referred. Once Eyonic verifies the new customer paid their fees, you will receive the increase in storage.

We want the referral program to be an easy way to reward customers who tell others about our services, which is why the referral program was created. In other words, thank you for being a customer and for sharing your experiences with our services to others!

There Must be Other Rules?

Only this: This promotion is not available to customers receiving an educational or non-profit discount. Also, we reserve the right to cancel this promotion at any time.