Choosing a Data Protection Service

Below is a comparison of common features in our online backup and shared space services. The purpose of this table is to help you choose the best data protection service to best meet your unique needs. Some services have overlapping features because different types of cloud services provide similiar data protections. At the same time, each cloud service and type has a unique feature set. Being aware of the features cloud services provide and how this provides data protection is imporant to determine which service is the best fit for you.

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Online Backup
Home User Plans

Online Backup
Business User Plans

Unlimited daily bandwidth usage



Easy to use web interface to manage account and data



Access or restore files anywhere, 24/7, from any device using the Internet



Disaster recovery data protection solution



Point in time access to data for browsing and recovery



Full control over when data is being pushed to the cloud - jobs run at regularly scheduled intervals



No limits on large sized files



Automated data recovery restores complete data set, including file and folder structure, in case of hardware failure or disaster



Restore files with original file security settings



Access and restore any version of a file falling within the data retention period



Transfer in use and open files, as well as operating system and program files using snapshots


Backup data from Windows file servers


Backup NAS devices, and in-use database applications


Windows backup including SQL and Exchange databases without interruption


Shipment of seed device to backup data the first time without impacting network bandwidth for free


Shipment of data set for recovery in a disaster for free


Create unlimited groups to manage devices