Business Infrastructure

Virtualization - From virtualizing complete data centers to applications, or creating a virtual desktop infrastructure, we can help you plan and deploy your virtual environment. Virtualization can help you reduce your physical and environmental footprint while easing management. With the dynamic resource allocation virtualization has to offer, you gain the flexibility of a scalable environment with automated failover and quick recovery. We have helped many clients experience the benefits virtualization has to offer and would like to help you choose the hypervisor which best suits your needs.

Wireless & Mobility - Wireless devices have allowed the mobile workforce to grow substantially. A fast and reliable wireless network allows your users to access the resources they need when they need it. We can help you deploy or troubleshoot your existing wireless controllers and access points for the best coverage and bandwidth utilization including mobile device management. We can also provide wireless heat maps to visualize your Wi-Fi infrastructure and verify its effectiveness as it integrates with your network.

Storage Technologies - SAN and NAS appliances are critical to any reliable and scalable virtualized environment and are a critical piece of network integration. With our experience in leading storage technologies we can help you understand and choose the best storage solution for your environment.

Network Security - Configuring firewalls is the first line of defense in providing network security, but security does not stop there. With everything from password policies to endpoint protection both in and outside of the network, we can help you reduce your risk to harmful threats.

Switching & Routing - Switches and routers are the necessary backbone in network integration to keep everything communicating, even in a wireless environment. Configuring access lists, VLANs, and QoS for VoIP where needed, will help best utilize your bandwidth and keep traffic secure. When redundancy is needed for business continuity, our experience with data centers is instrumental.

Voice - Voice communication is critical for any business which is why we have partnered with Crexendo, a PCI compliant and CLEC licensed VoIP provider. Together we can provide the best voice communication for our customers in a reliable and scalable way. These implementations are seamless and cost only a fraction of traditional on-site PBX systems.

Servers - Whether it is Exchange, SQL or file and print, it is critical for servers to be reliable and available at all times. We help maintain existing servers, as well as deploy new servers to replace outdated equipment and to accommodate the demands of business growth.

Email - We understand email is the lifeline of almost every business. We manage Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 deployments, migrations, backups and recovery.