Why Cloud Services

  Automated tasks - cloud services like online backup will backup files automatically based on whatever schedule is chosen. Backup jobs run automatically as scheduled and send email job log notifications informing users of each job's status. Files placed in drives mapped to shared space accounts are immediately pushed to the cloud.

  File versioning - preserve previous versions of files simply and quickly, even if they have been saved over. Without previous versions of files, recovering important data can be time consuming and impossible at times.

  Efficient storage - online backups store a copy of all files during seed backup. All subsequent backups upload only changed files and new files, while keeping an at-a-glance copy of all files as they exist, each time a backup job runs.

  Accessibility - access files stored on a backed up device from any device - without the device itself. In an emergency or unexpected event, access files you normally would need additional software subscriptions to access, without having the device in hand.

  Cost savings - save time managing file storage, media to ensure file security, and a location for offsite storage. Cloud services provide an intuitive disaster recovery solution for anyone's files with cost savings, automation, availability, and scalability already built in.

  Scalability - sign up for the amount of storage space needed for either online file backups or shared space file sharing and increase storage only as needed. Increase storage on demand when needed rather than purchasing for future needs up front. Physical devices of any type require more upfront costs and future planning than cloud services.

  Data integrity - retrieve files at any time, restore files or a complete data set from an online backup account, schedule data restores, access and download files from shared space file sharing and online backup plans at any time.

  Availability - access files from any device with Internet access at any time. Also access job histories, data retention settings, users and groups, and job settings using the web based interface.